Friday, November 02, 2007


This project was first mentioned on the blog over a year ago. I dusted the cobwebs off the original storyboard and started to work on it in my spare time but once work started to build up it got shelved. Jump forward to now and Northern Film & Media put out a call for submissions for 60 second scripts with a christmas feel. I gave the script a bit of a polish, got shortlisted and was one of five lucky enough to be commissioned. Funnily enough forgot to mention on the application that it was going to be an animation. I was wondering why they were looking a bit skeptical in the interview until they realised i wasn't really intending to hire a gaint octopus for a 3 day shoot.

I'm dabbling with the idea of doing the whole thing in 3D. I was planning on building the parents in 3D anyway to pre-vis (yes i watch a lot of special features) and then rotoscoping the footage. But now i'm thinking about just sticking with the 3D. I'll keep the character animation fairly basic. I'm not quite ready to learn how to rig and all that mumbo jumbo and i'm thinking one step at a time. i'm fairly confident using the camera and all the stuff i needed to learn for Theory and then LTW so now it's time to learn how to model i reckon (it's mostly just pouting anyway isn't it?)


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