Thursday, November 01, 2007


That's been most people's response to the film. Looks great but nobody got it. Good, we like it that way.

But for those of you who really wanna know it was all based originally on an aboriginal story of creation. Tiddalick to be precise, the one with the toads under the ground being woken up by a spirit and the water from their stomachs forming the rivers and oceans. We added the lamposts firing laser skull beams before you ask.

At the moment the film is ten minutes long and about three minutes too long. We intend to do something about that in the short term. Ideally for reasons which will become clearer by the end of this month. It's been pretty hard finding the time to put it into festivals with a relentless workload so we err didn't. Okay well we put it into Pictoplasma which was the only one we really cared about and got a big fat nein. The carrot has been dangled in front of us now By the Independant Cinema Office who want to do an industry screening to programmers. Struggling with what to do. Would mean we can't put it into festivals anymore but would mean we can blitz the internet.

So where it's at now is i think once we have a fresh tighter edit of the film which we'll be very excited about and i think it will be the film it was always meant to be that version we'll use to blitz the festivals and hold off on the ICO.


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Well it's good to see you're back and good to see you're busy !! I'll put your link back up on my Blog now, I took it down as I thought you'd packed in your Blog for good !!

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