Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I finally had an opportunity to make some more progress with the Streetcat tv concept and met yesterday with the two writers we have involved. I'm pleased to say they are locals and are Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood. They are currently carving out a very successful career as theatre writers but also want to work within kids tv.

They originally wrote some sample outlines and reworked the character descriptions 3 months ago but with everybodys work commitments over the summer this has been the first chance to meet up.

The time away from the project has been very useful. When i first read what they had come up with i was very close to mine and Glenn's original ideas. I try not to be too precious about my work but you have to be to an extent otherwise if you didn't care why bother going through all the hard work?? Anyway having had 3 months away from the project i re read their ideas with fresh eyes and was delighted to discover how much more i liked the new material.

We bashed out a few more ideas yesterday and the project is becoming a much more sellable concept i think. A lot of the ideas are being refined and strengthened and it's actually becoming quite dark. The designs are going to need to be revised and there's two new baddies i can't wait to get stuck into designing.

Artwork to follow in the coming weeks....


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