Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brand New Everything...

Greetings fellow bloggers (Bloggerteers??) As well as the new look company website i've created a new blog to run alongside it. I've ditched blogger in favour of wordpress (just seems like you have more control) Some of you may be interested to know that i have already linked your blogs from my new one.

New projects mentioned on the blog include a short film for Ridley Scott (kinda) about a goat who has ate his own legs. The christmas commercial i made for Robson Brown and the Metro Centre and lots of news about Twilight Avenger which is currently being shown at the Sundance Film Festival. Future news soon the be added includes the next music video i'm making for New York based band Camphor. So if you would like to read more about all of this the new blog is over at

A newsletter with the option to subscribe to an RSS feed will follow shortly (once i've figured out how to do it (with help))

Finally, if this is to be the last comment i make on this blog it seems some what poetic given the name of this blog that i am about to become a Dad. Our son is actually due today, not sure if he's going to be on time....but in a season ending cliff hanger stylee you'll have to start reading the other blog to find out what happened next...


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